About Us

We Help Wealth Managers Preserve Their Independence

Fiduciary Network was originally conceived with a single mission in mind: to help independent wealth managers meet their financing needs in a way that permanently preserves, rather than compromises, their independence.

We are long-time admirers of the industry.  It was pioneered by entrepreneurs whose calling is to help people – they embraced the obligations of being fiduciaries and have been relentless advocates for their clients.  Their work, together with the efforts of those who have followed them, has made a meaningful difference in the lives of thousands of families.

Our management team has worked closely with hundreds of wealth managers since the mid-1990s.  We feel fortunate that many of the people who built the industry have been research partners, study-group colleagues and personal friends of ours for almost two decades.

As the industry matured, we observed that the great success of many firms had become a hazard to their own independence.  Because the clients of independent wealth management firms tend to remain clients indefinitely, these businesses became incredibly valuable – so valuable that the successor professionals could not afford to buy them.  At the same time, we noticed that many wealth managers had the opportunity to acquire other firms but lacked the capital to do so.  Still other firms were largely owned by outside or retired shareholders and their management lacked the means to re-acquire control.

To be sure, a variety of outside capital providers were prepared to invest in the industry.  However, nearly all of the existing financing options required that a wealth management firm give up its independence.

With the help of several leading wealth management firms, we designed FN’s transaction structures to solve these problems.  Backed by a very large pool of long-term, patient capital, we launched FN in 2007. We have been fortunate to make nineteen minority investments to date and look forward to making several more.