RegentAtlantic Capital’s wealth management professionals combined have more than 250 years of industry experience. The firm has been recognized as one of the top financial advisers in the country by publications such as Investment News and Barron’s.


Brightworth is consistently ranked one of the top financial advisers in the country by publications such as Robb Report Worth and Barron’s. Its partners include David Polstra, Chris Dardaman and Ray Padron as well as 10 other professionals.
Brouwer & Janachowski is considered a pioneer in the strategy of investing in a portfolio of superior mutual funds. The founders, Kurt Brouwer and Steve Janachowski, launched the firm in 1987.


Seton Smoke Capital Management merged with Brouwer & Janachowski in September 2008, adding about $300mm in assets to B&J’s approximately $680mm at the time of the merger. Robert Smoke, Seton Smoke’s primary principal, is now Vice Chairman of B&J.
The founders of Evensky & Katz, Harold Evensky and Deena Katz, are internationally-known figures in the financial planning community. They have co-written several major industry books, including Retirement Income Redesigned and The Investment Think Tank.
Keats, Connelly and Associates, internationally-recognized for its work on U.S.-Canadian cross-border issues, assists clients who have accumulated wealth in Canada and wish to move to the U.S. to receive favorable tax treatment. The Border Guide, written by founder Robert Keats, is now in its 10th Edition and has become a Canadian bestseller. The firm manages client relationships from offices in Arizona and Florida.
Gibson Capital was built on the principles pioneered in the book, Asset Allocation: Balancing Financial Risk, written by the firm’s founder and Chief Investment Officer Roger C. Gibson. This book, a bestseller on the topic of asset allocation for almost 20 years, is considered an investment classic. The firm’s clients include high net worth individuals, foundations and retirement plans across the country.
Legacy is one of the largest fee-only financial planning firms in Tennessee. The firm has been recognized as one of the top financial advisers in the country by publications such as Financial Advisor and Medical Economics.
Sand Hill Global Advisors, founded in 1982, delivers wealth advisory and investment management services to individuals and families, as well as endowments and foundations. They partner with their clients to offer objective advice, customized planning, and sophisticated investment management. For each and every client, they employ the firm’s knowledge, tools, experience, and broad investment perspective to deliver a solution tailored to meet their objectives.
Soltis Investment Advisors is a leading wealth management firm providing wealth advisory services to retirement plans and individuals. The firm was founded in 1993 by Lon Henderson and Hyrum Smith. Soltis has carved out a national presence as an advisor to small and mid-sized company 401(k) plans.
Founded in 1994, Adviser Investments is an independent, personalized money management firm dedicated to servicing individuals, trusts, institutions and foundations. The firm specializes in mutual funds, exchange-traded funds and undiscovered managers. Fiduciary Network helped finance its March 2011 acquisition of Kobren Insight Management. At closing, the firms managed a combined $2.3 billion in assets under management.
Founded in 1987, Kobren Insight Management merged with Adviser Investments, LLC in March 2011. Initially developed out of a Fidelity fund family newsletter written by founder Eric Kobren, the firm provides portfolio management services to high net worth individuals, corporations, foundations, endowments, and 401(k) plans. The firm specializes in mutual funds, exchange-traded funds and individual bonds for its client portfolios.

Durbin Bennett Peterson, an Austin, TX-based RIA founded in 2001, provides investment management and strategic wealth planning to successful entrepreneurs, high-net-worth families and institutions.

Morton Capital Management wealth management professionals have over 120 years of combined experience working with high-net-worth clients, foundations, endowments, and companies with qualified retirement plans.  The firm, founded in 1981, is considered a pioneer in the use of non-traditional alternative investments in its tactical asset allocation solution for clients.